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Clarity Cannabis Cuts Through the Smoke to Educate and Provide Premium Quality Products

In these modern times of information overload, clear, reliable cannabis knowledge can be hard to come by. The world of cannabis is ever-expanding, and formal cannabis studies are published constantly. New trends are born seemingly every minute, and the sheer number of cannabis enterprises is growing faster than a Sativa plant in the hot July sun. For those new to it all, learning about cannabis can be overwhelming. Without the proper knowledge, it’s impossible to form a sound, beneficial relationship with cannabis.

Introducing Clarity Cannabis - an in-store and online resource for the canna-curious (and more experienced consumers) to get cannabis facts, not fodder. Clarity specializes in delivering community-based consumer education. Just like any wellness topic, myths and fads abound surrounding cannabis and its use. Clarity is here to help sift through the rubble to extract the most valuable, accurate and credible cannabis information offered. In this way, customers can feel confident that their needs are taken into consideration with utmost wisdom and care.

With the assistance of Clarity’s informed storefront staff, one can carefully choose from a wide selection of cannabis flowers, pre-rolls, edibles, beverages, capsules, vapes, accessories, tinctures, oils and concentrates. Clarity’s exceptional customer service team is geared towards forming direct relationships with consumers to provide a uniquely tailored experience for the individual. The goal is that customers will walk away feeling properly informed, and confident in their purchase choices.

Clarity’s CEO and founder Micheal Forbes has a background in medicine - he has a BSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences, as well as certifications in Hormone Restoration and Age Management Medicine. He is also a dynamic and driven entrepreneur whose other companies include but isn’t limited to numerous medical clinics, a pharmacy chain, a cannabis production facility, the Ageless Living brand, and Canada’s first biohacking centre.

Forbes aims to diversify the conventional medical approach through access and education. The cannabis industry is continuing to experience massive growth as consumers look to cannabis for both recreational and therapeutic purposes. Unfortunately, there’s not much in the way of credible cannabis education in the retail sector, and Forbes seeks to change this.

“I felt like there was a clear gap in the market for thoughtful, educated and personalized assistance,” states Forbes. “The cannabis retail space is already overrun by companies with no clear focus on consumer education, and we want to change that.”

Safe, responsible cannabis use is crucial, both for a positive user experience and for helping to continue to lift the stigma surrounding all things cannabis. Clarity Cannabis serves to promote responsible use, safe choices and a positive overall cannabis experience.

One can visit Clarity to learn about a wide range of cannabis topics such as cannabinoids, terpenes, cultivar profiles and effects, Sativa vs. Indica vs. hybrids, product descriptions, dosage, storing cannabis, smoking and vaping devices and cooking with cannabis. Clarity Cannabis is a community space where the public can stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends, and share their own cannabis stories. Inclusion is imperative, and Clarity Cannabis welcomes all those interested in expanding their cannabis knowledge.

“Many people have been consuming cannabis for years, but for just as many this is brand new,” says Forbes. “We want to make sure everyone feels welcome and included in the conversation, that Clarity Cannabis can enrich the communities we serve.”

Vancouver Island locations include two Clarity Cannabis storefronts in Victoria and one in Langford. On the mainland, storefronts are found in Kamloops, Cranbrook, Prince Rupert, and Dawson Creek. Products can also be purchased online at